Submitting a claim

If you are unable to click on the SUBMIT NEW CLAIM button, fill out the claim information form (link in the side menu to the right). Send the claim information form via email, or fax.

A repair estimate and a copy of the customer’s BG Service history relevant to the claim.

If the vehicle is pre-owned, a bill of sale and the RO showing the PVP kit installation will be required.

You will receive an automated email that you have submitted the claim successfully. Allow us 10-15 minutes to review the claim. We will contact you with an authorization number and the amount we can pay. It is important that no repairs be completed prior to the authorization.

Once the repairs are complete, email/fax/upload the final signed repair order to, fax (316) 265-6047 or by clicking the link in your email.

Lifetime BG Protection Plan® coverage questions

Yes. Customary and reasonable labor time for diagnostic procedures that are necessary to determine the cause of a covered component failure are covered.

Yes, the Protection Plan is limited to the labor time necessary to make repairs or to replace any irreparably damaged parts as allocated by ProDemand® or other industry-accepted flat rate guide, multiplied by the commercial repair shop’s hourly labor rate, plus the reasonable cost of replaced parts of like kind and quality at the administrator’s discretion.

No. A post-repair service is not required. However, the customer must purchase their next service within the service interval requirements.

No. The service interval begins at the mileage you receive your first service.

The Protection Plan is separate from, and does not extend the vehicle manufacturer’s warranty. However, we will pay for the deductible amount.

If the required service interval is exceeded, there is a grace period of 500 miles/800 km to still qualify for coverage.

Yes. The protection stays with the vehicle.

Yes. There is a limit of one payable claim per service interval, per system.

As long as both components are covered by the Plan, we will set up two claims.

Yes. See the Lifetime BG Protection Plan® certificate for details.

Similar to the Lifetime BG Protection Plan®, diesels that enter the plan will be covered for the life of the vehicle.

Timing belts are not lubricated by BG products.

No. The services must be performed by a professional technician at a licensed professional service center using an approved BG maintenance procedure with proper BG products and equipment.

Yes, dealer pre-loads are accepted for BG DOC only, PN 112.


No. Covered parts include: the oxygen sensors, PCV, Mass Air Flow sensor (only if BG 407 used), injectors, (deposit-related malfunctions only), throttle body.


No, but CVTs Model Year 2014 and newer are covered.

No. There is no claim coverage for components that have not failed.

A timing chain is covered if the component has failed. This does not included a stretched timing chain. Pre-existing conditions are excluded.

Only the radiator replacement is covered. The cooling system coverage does not cover damage to engine components.

Leaking seals and gaskets are not covered under the power steering coverage.

Driveline coverage includes lubricated parts contained within the differential housing, transfer case or transmission case. It does not cover: differential housing, transfer case, transmission case, axle (s), pre-packed axle bearing(s), CV joint(s), CV boots(s), driveshaft(s), case flywheel, clutch plate, pressure plate unless damaged due to a failure of a covered part.

For vehicles serviced prior to 31 DEC 2017 the LPP mileage limit for eligibility was 75,000 miles. On January 1, 2018 the eligibility mileage was increased to 100,000 miles, but the first service must be performed after Jan 1, 2018 and the coverage is not retroactive.

Seals and gasket are considered wear items, therefore they are not covered.

Yes, but only with 115 (LPP) or 112 (Forever Diesel) can be pre-loaded. All other Automotive Maintenance Services will need to be performed once the vehicle is sold to an individual.

BG Pre-owned Vehicle Protection (PVP) Questions

Coverage under PVP is 6 months or 6,000 miles (whichever comes first).

No. There is no grace period for the Pre-owned Plan claims.

No, the PVP kit is intended to be pre-loaded in the vehicle prior to the sale. The Program takes effect upon purchase; therefore, the product must be installed prior to the purchase.

No. Vehicles must have qualifying BG services with the initial mileage requirement to be eligible for the Lifetime BG Protection Plan®.