Jeremy Dawson
Major Accounts & Claims Manager

Jeremy Dawson is the Courtesy Claims Manager. Jeremy has worked in the Automotive Industry for over 20 years. Jeremy joined BG Products in 2018 and has previously held Field Support Specialist and Senior Technical Service Advisor. He came to BG after being a Master Lexus Technician (12 years), Service Consultant and a Service Manager for Jaguar/Land Rover/Porsche. 

Jeremy’s vast background in customer service, systems and technical knowledge makes him a strong leader to the Courtesy Claims team.

Bev Ayres
Technical Claims Specialist

Bev Ayres is a Technical/Claims Specialist with Courtesy Claims Management. Bev worked as an ASE Master Technician for ten years, working with a variety of vehicle makes and models.

After graduating from Amtech Institute at the top of his class with a degree in Automotive Technologies, Bev was invited back to Amtech Institute as an automotive instructor for several years. He then worked as an independent insurance appraiser at which time he built relationships with several different insurance companies.

Bev’s technical and insurance background makes him a great fit to our team and he looks forward to helping you with all of your needs.

Denise Conyers
Claims Coordinator

Denise Conyers is a Claims Coordinator with Courtesy Claims Management, LLC. Denise has worked in finance and customer service related fields for over 20 years. After graduating from Southern Technical College with a degree in Business Administration, Denise served over 11 years as the Financial Aid Director at Wichita Technical Institute. She then managed an automotive retail shop for 5 years and, more recently, was a customer service representative for Sigma Distributing, a local distributor of automotive glass and exhaust parts. Denise’s customer service, automotive retail and wholesale background makes her a great fit to our team.

Tish High
Claims Coordinator

Tish High is a Claims Coordinator with Courtesy Claims Management, LLC. Tish has worked in auto repair, customer service, management and finance related fields for 23 years. Tish worked closely with her father doing auto repairs for over 10 years prior to completing her associate degree in accounting from National American University. She also successfully ran her own restaurant for 12 years before obtaining her accounting degree. After earning her degree, she then worked for 5 years processing financial aid for 19 colleges across the U.S., as well as analyzing taxes. Tish’s background in auto repair, customer service, and finance and tax analysis makes her a strong asset to our team.